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The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has been one of the essential sectors severely impacted by the pandemic. Their workers have been dubbed as secrets front liners- working daily even with the threat of the virus.

This is why the national government has put them in the A4 (essential workers) category in the vaccination rollout. With- the BPO Association of Davao, Inc (BPOADI) under the umbrella of ICT Davao, the IT-BPM sector of Davao City spearheaded the “Vacc2Normal” vaccination drive for the city’s 50,000-strong BPO workers.

Next BPO Solutions with the host company, VXI, collaborated with Jobs eSolution, Segworks Technologies Corporation, Hartman Business Solutions, Open Access BPO, Flatworld Solutions, Concentrix, and Awesome OS collaborated created the 3-day event. The activity was held last June 30- July 2 with 1,711 employees got their first dose of the Sinovac vaccine. It was also in partnership with the City Health Office, Dava Central 911, and Felcris Centrale that sponsored the venue.

BPOADI president and Next BPO Solutions CEO, Xavier Eric Manalastas, said that the event was made possible through a collective effort of the different companies. In an article by the Mindanao Times, he said that the spirit of volunteerism fast-tracked the vaccination without sacrificing the 5-step vaccination process. Delegation of the work was seen as one company took charge of the registration and another handled the screening, counseling, and vaccination. Another company sent nurses as vaccinators from their third-party health care group while another oversaw the post-vaccination monitoring. The host company, VXI, provided the needed facilities.

With the success, Manalastas and the rest of the team plan to inoculate at least 25,00 in the same vaccination rollout activity. To achieve the target, they plan on having two vaccination sites. One will be in the north, and Felcris Centrale will remain to be the vaccination hub in the south. They are also eyeing NCCC Buhangin as they will be inspecting the site. Accepting and training volunteers will also be a priority in the project expansion.

The program does not only serve to protect those in the BPO sector, but also prepare them in hopes of returning to the office. It is also a way to curb the rise of Covid cases in BPO companies and workers across the city.  Next BPO Solutions stands strong amidst the past year of lockdown and continually caters to a growing family of quality and safety professionals. Professionals that are serving from the office or at home to serve our partners from different parts of the world.

Photo from: ICT Davao Inc.