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Over the past three months, companies have made efforts to smoothly transition to remote work arrangements while keeping the company afloat during the still prevailing pandemic. Now, as things slowly get better, businesses and companies prepare to bring their people back to the office. They are implementing plans on how employees will maintain social distancing and sanitation in the office. They also need to adjust to what is now known as “the new normal” and keep themselves healthy. Here are some changes in companies that us workers have to look out for.

There might be drastic changes in your office setup today. Typical office spaces are usually separated by cubicles. Some only have tables with no dividers and a space big enough for sitting or getting up. Now, offices are doing their best to implement the one-meter distance in the workplace. A new version of cubicle farms is now being developed as well. Panel screens are known as “sneeze guards” will be put between desks to give more protection. You will not be able to chat closely with your officemates as you used to as well. A new version of cubicle farms is now being developed also.

You might have already seen several marks on supermarket floors or restaurants. This will most probably be seen on your office floors. This will help you and the other workers be guided on the proper spacing and avoid close interaction in elevators and stairs. Reception desks will also come with signs to remind visitors about distancing. Signs will be put up in high-touch spaces (pantries, and printing areas) to remind you to wash your hands or sanitize from time to time. New sanitation areas might also be put up outside the company premises for extra precautions.

Most companies will always mostly likely require the usage of masks inside the office. However, different policies might be implemented for BPO companies handling calls since masks can affect clarity in speech. For this, find the appropriate mask to use. There are several choices available for medical, personal, and special uses. Be sure to research and know the right ones to use when in the office. It is also included in mandatory policies of the government that will strictly be implemented throughout.

Anything that currently involves touching is an opportunity to innovate into contactless transaction. It aims to innovate the ways we protect ourselves and value our health. The global work-from-home trend cannot be reversed overnight and might be here to stay. However, we should also be open to the possibilities of getting back to the office sooner than we think. It is the time to reinvent and rethink the future of the workplace and its employees. And only those who are able to adjust will be able to thrive.