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Ryan Strategic Advisory has been providing market research and consecutive services to various stakeholders. This is across the contact center and front office BPO space, outsourcers, technology providers, industry associations, and offshore development agencies. It was founded by Peter Ryan, a highly decorated expert in the field of outsourcing. Every year since 2017, they have released a list of top five outsourcing countries in the world. It is the Front Office Omnibus Survey and it is being surveyed  to hundreds of contract center decision-makers in North America, The United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany.

In this year’s ranking, the Philippines placed 3rd after its two consecutive first-place positions in the past years. According to the survey, this dip does not reflect the quality of the country’s outsourcing space. It is still the preferred location to service the English-speaking markets. The Philippines also remains very well-viewed in Australia, The US, and Canada. However, there was a low ranking seen in the UK this year causing the possible drop.

The Country started in 5th place in the 2017 survey. This was due to views towards politics, public security, and saturation. However, in the next year, the country proved its resilience by rising to the top. This was through a clear view of the strong front-office delivery. It maintained its level of popularity and ranked again as 1st in the 2019 survey. This time, it was through the combination of strong English- language skills, a maintained focus on servicing across major English language markets, and a convincing price point.

For the first time, India took lead in the rankings. This serves as a testament to the efforts of the BPO stakeholders in the country. But it takes nothing away for the many other Southeast Asian countries that have also been focused on winning outsourcing investments. A total of 540 enterprise contact center enterprise buyers from Western Europe, Australia, and North America rated almost 50 choices of different jurisdictions from all over the world.

The Philippine outsourcing industry has significantly grown since 2006. As of 2018, there are 788 large, medium, and small BPO processing and outsourcing companies in all parts of the country including Mindanao. It holds a large portion of the global market due to its service and price. They also hold giant multinational clients located in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. The country continues to be globally competitive, through work from home arrangements and on-site accommodations, despite the threat of coronavirus.