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The coronavirus pandemic resulted in many unfortunate events. It caused the rise of unemployment and the instability of the economy and the sudden changes in people’s lives and perspectives. However, even after all that, it still yielded positive effects in certain things. One is on the awareness of sanitation and health. The other one deals with healthcare and its access. This may be through the automation and growth of the local healthcare outsourcing industry.

The Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) said in an interview ,last May 13 by businessworld, that the sector is seeing increased demand due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Around 70 member companies are seeing a 10-15% post-lockdown growth. This is due to the rise of healthcare needs especially in voice teams handling COID-19 related calls.

HIMAP president, on an interview, revealed that the nature of the pandemic has pushed them to re-purpose resources. Shifting its technological tools to assess and predict voice calls and improve screening healthcare needs of the patients. They are now for automating protocols that involve informing clients of their healthcare plans. Giving higher priority to services dedicated to make things more accessible the vulnerable members of the society – senior citizens, pregnant women, the differently-abled.

They are pushing for a hands-on and client-centered process by making information available with technology, that enables clients to see the options available for them and decide the healthcare they want. Home services will also be possible through this as it is more hazardous for the masses to go to clinics and hospitals. They will also move to the digitalization of services. People will be taught how to order medicine online and listen to free healthcare advice through video conferencing.

In January In the early 2000s healthcare was only focused on medical transcriptions. It has then shifted to high-value medical outsourcing such as medical billing, clinical operations, pharmacy benefit management, clinical provider calls, etc. It is the largest profitable industry in the world focusing on diagnosis and treatment. The primary goal of healthcare is to focus on maximizing staff competencies and the delivery of excellent patient care.