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This pandemic took us by storm. One day our lives were as normal as it could be and then it was not. It disrupted everything we used to know, throwing us off balance. During this quarantine we had a lot of time to do things that we could not before. We have time with our family, time to learn new things, and take a break from daily schedules. However, we still have ample time in our hands. We forget to do the more important things like assessing or perspective and feelings on things. With this, we came across a good read by Dr. Meg Meeker entitled “7 Keys to Staying Sane During the COVID-19 Crisis”.  And here are some of my thought about it.

The reading gives us seven tips to keep us mentally and emotionally fine. The first one is to keep you and/or your family on a daily schedule.  All of us were indeed thrown off balance when our daily routines changed. We lost a sense of purpose and thirst for life. It reminds us that we must live our lives for a different purpose. Helping us understand where all these worries are coming from. Point two encourages us to communicate with friends and loved ones. It is good to know that you are not alone at times like these. Talking to other people develops and maintains relationships even if it is done virtually. After all, little is always better than nothing.

Since everyone is at home, it is also a great tip to make everyone pitch in. Homes can be incredibly stressful when only one person takes care of everything. Like our moms or other heads of the family. Asking each member to help indeed encourages families to be close and can lead to something better. Feeing of stress and agitation are also normal. Essentially, we have to identify the cause to be able to solve the problem. Identify specific stressors and create a plan to relive them. Tip number four gives ways to understand those feelings and find a way to solve them. One way is to practice prayer or meditation (tip number five). It makes you understand that there is someone bigger than all of this. That healing and peace should come from within and not from the outside.

People also are sometimes afraid of being alone especially when they are not used to it. Therefore, it is important to be comfortable with yourself and the people you are isolating with. Give you and the people around you time for yourselves to understand and reflect. It helps with lessening tension in the house.  Lastly, it also means that you give yourself grace – number seven. We put too much pressure on being productive and doing much at the time. Realizing that we should be kinder to ourselves and take a break from being in control because apparently, we are not anymore.

“Tragedy can make us stronger, but we cannot get there alone. We need one another and God not only to survive but thrive.” A simple yet striking read perfect for the times – proving that big gifts come in small packages. A reminder to us of the simplest things we tend to forget that are necessary to help us survive emotionally and mentally. Whether you are alone, with a partner or with family this book will come in handy. You will learn so much through this and will be applying them to your life. It is time to learn from within and develop it to the outside.