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Millions of students graduate from different colleges around the world every year. They are then sent off to work and help boost their country’s economy, producing certain sets of professionals over time. We call these sets as generations. During the lockdown for this coronavirus pandemic, a new generation has come to light. This was according to an article by Shaakun Khanna as he stated the rise of “Generation R”. a new set of workers that have successfully adapted to the changes bought by the sudden changes of times.

Khanna defines this generation as “the group of individuals who, during the lockdown, have developed new skills, embraced new paradigms, and re-adjusted their world view.” This generation has given up old ways and has developed a new perspective. They feel much more in control, resilient, and comfortable with ambiguity. They are also prepared to work harder and find new ways to achieve productivity, balance, and purpose. Khanna believes that this generation shared certain characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the generation.

One characteristic is that they are proactively preparing for the new normal of work. Workers in this new generation know the strong tendencies of change and they are willing to adapt to it. They see future workplaces as more competitive and will impact career directions and opportunities. Instead of waiting on things to happen, they have committed their spare time during this quarantine in learning new skill sets. This makes them available to other multiple sources of income and tries new jobs on the side once the world recovers.

This lockdown and work from home arrangements have taught us balance between personal and professional lives. Generation R has the same characteristics. They have managed to juggle both aspects successfully. This is with the motivation of understanding managers that offer appreciation for hard work and tangible results. They found new ways to achieve a work-life balance that is usually blurred when working at home.

It is also hard to be productive especially if you are in the comforts of your own home. While other workers prefer fixed working hours, Generation R prefers the remote work set-up. They believe that flexibility in work hours and technology helps them become more productive. They can control their time and do tasks when they feel like their best self. Comfort also plays a big role in this. They can work at their own time and pace without stressing and distractions.

Lastly, they are also more socially aware of the thing happening around them, with special regards to the environment and sustainability. Most of us devoted our spare quarantine time with growing and taking care of plants. They too have realized the impact that we have on the environment. They believe they owe more to society and the environment more than ever.

Workers will eventually be returning to the office setting and face this new normal with new beliefs, skillset, aspirations, and work ethics. Organizations should challenge these skills and provide avenues for growth and increased productivity. They should also consider remote work as a working option- possibly the default Day One setup. These changes are only the start of the new era for businesses and work. And what better way to welcome them by acknowledging and accepting its diversity. Generational differences are losing relevance and Generation R will be at the forefront in the evolution of work- they will lead the way of the highly tech-enabled productivity.