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The world is slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Cases are slowly going down for different countries and they are lifting strict quarantine protocols. The economy is also slowly recovering as businesses start to reopen and employees go back to offices. However, no matter what we do, things will not go back to the normal that we used to know. More and more companies are resorting to remote work and digitalization even with the good news. The “new normal” is distancing and less physical contact. If you are looking to start a career or shift to a new one, here are some tips to prepare you for a remote job interview.

The first step to working remotely is having your own space. It is hard to separate work and personal life when you are working at home. So, it is important to have an organized designated working and interview space. As part of the preparation, you can also download the software you will be needing for the interview. The interviewer will inform ahead of time or you can ask them yourself.  It is better to be familiar with it in case you have trouble during the interview.

On the day of the interview, you have to be just as prepared in a face to face meeting. Dress professionally from top to bottom and avoid jewelry or pieces of clothing that are too distracting. Turn on the webcam before the call. This is to check your surroundings and what can and cannot be seen on video. Place the video meeting window on the top of the screen and closer to your computer’s camera. Close any unnecessary programs to avoid distractions and notifications. Always make sure that your computer is fully charged.

Besides highlighting your knowledge and qualifications for the position, you can also highlight other stuff that will give you a competitive edge. During the interview, you can offer to give them a tour of your home office. This enables them to see that you have a highly functional remote home environment. Be sure to let them know that you have extensive knowledge of the different communication and collaboration tools, and showcase a willingness to learn new ones. Demonstrate your awareness of the common remote work problems and the steps you will do to minimize and avoid them. Most importantly, share your remote backup plan in case of power interruption and loss of connection.

Whatever industry it is that you are eyeing for you have to make sure that you put your best foot forward. The same goes for a virtual interview. You must show up prepared and equipped with the necessary knowledge. You can use prior interview experiences as a basis on how you should act even if the interviewer is not in front of you. Remember these tips and some good manners and right conduct and you will be well on your way. We hope that this helps you in your future endeavors. Good luck!