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Writing takes different approaches depending on the person doing it. It is easy when you know exactly how to articulate your thoughts. It becomes hard if you lack the skills to do so. In recent events, it is time to develop new skills that will help you improve. Especially now that most of us are working from home. Writing des not only develops your skills in conveying a message but also your knowledge and understanding of things. However, most of us hesitate due to uncertainties and fears. That is why here are some basics to help you start writing today.

Read and think before you write 

Reading helps activate writing. You can start by researching certain topics that you are interested in. They will help you learn about facts that will help you in your future piece. Choose good books and start building your vocabulary. Learning from others will help you enhance your writing style. Study every word you do not understand and find its meaning and proper usage. Be sure to clear your mind beforehand, clear thinking results to clear writing. Know your writing intentions and chosen audience. Only then you can have clarity, conciseness, consistency, and accuracy.

Use the KISS method

KISS stands for “Keep It Straight and Simple”. When you communicate with people, you have to use simple words to be understood. The same goes for writing. If they do not understand the words you are using, they will likely miss your meaning. Use specific and concrete languages fitting for the topic and audience. You must keep your sentences short. Always prefer the simple to the complex. Effectively use adjectives as they can help you write well. However, too many adjectives result in rich, ornate prose that is also hard to digest. Do and use everything in moderation. Balance is key.

Practice as much as you can

Practicing is an essential habit of learning a new skill. You will not become proficient at what you do unless you practice. Try an everyday writing prompt. You can make short captions until gradually; you can write a full-length article. Start with small concepts and weave them into a larger one. Some start by writing free verse poems. It helps you express yourself and find comfortable writing patterns to use. It is also easier to do since you have jobs to focus on.

Write to express, not to impress

Most people lose motivation because they write to please people. It will never be good enough if you do not think it is. Effective writing pieces are those written with the right intension. Since you are just starting, your first audience is yourself. Use writing as a medium of self-expression and not something to brag about. Create a voice and writing style that will later translate your individuality. This is if you choose to publicly present it. Do not be pressured to become a good writer after a few tries. Writing is a dynamic process of learning and betterment. Do not also force yourself to write complex ideas if you are not yet ready. Your article will always come undone. Take corrections as rooms of improvement and not to criticize you as a newbie.

Expression comes in all forms. May it be music, dance, or arts. Writing gives us an avenue to express ourselves without having to compromise our time We can write when we are happy, or sad or when we just want to pour our thoughts. It is personal, relatable, and has no boundaries. You can write in any language and dialect that you want, and people will still understand it. For us employees, it could be one form of stress reliever. It improves our innate skills of communicating in another form. You can try writing today and become better at it every day.