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Welcome To The New Normal

Face to face communication was one of the fastest and most efficient ways of communicating. This was just before the world was forced to stay away from each other and lock themselves at home. Businesses and other companies had to either close or find an alternative working system. Thus, giving birth to “the new normal”. However, there are many other considerations before doing such. Remote work is not the same as working in the office. Many had feared that the natural exchange of information – formal or informal will be lost. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Finally deciding to resort to remote work and trust in online meetings.

Remote work is not as new as you think. It existed as the norm before offices and commuting. Since the boom of the technological age people had extensively made use of its benefits. Remote working has connected workers form different parts of the world with the aid of certain applications. Gathering talents from anywhere in the world is now possible even for businesses with a limited budget. As we shift to interacting with colleagues through technology, it is only natural to have more online conversations, to begin to hold meetings in the online space. And, it is not as limited and withholding as most people think.

Meetings have held a vital part in any company. It has been essential in discussing our work. To share vital information, support each other in these times of crisis, and challenge one another to work better. Meetings are also a place where teams could generate ideas, troubleshoot, speed up the decision-making process, review our progress, and learn. On top of all that, online world meetings take one other important function- socializing. But would all these functions differ when channeled online?

In-person interactions give you a broader understanding of how one can communicate. It includes body language and a heightened sense of awareness towards the other person. This is not the same as meeting through video or voice calls. It eliminates aspects that let us better understand. However, there are several ways to better communicate online. Understanding its aspect is one of them. If people who participate in online meetings understand its basic tenets, they will have more meaningful participation in the conversations.

This five-part series tackles the importance of understanding the basic principle of a meeting both in person and in the online world. it presents four aspects designed to guide both workers and managers to the effective use of technology and meetings. We will give you insights and the need to know in making meetings count. It is also making effective use of your time during (or even after) this quarantine period.