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Part IV

Preparing You

There will be no meeting without people. You are the blocks that let the meeting stand. However, most of the time, we value the meeting as unessential. Without realizing that they cultivate better office relationships and decision-making process. As the building block, we too have to be prepared and equipped throughout. To accomplish the best, you also need to be your best self.

Posture Counts 

We look different if we are in front of our computers compared to when we are during meetings. This time we are in front of our computers and a meeting. To be your best self, you need to know how you should appear in meetings. Since you are seated on slumped in a chair, you can improve your posture. It helps you with breathing and the people you are in conference with can see enough of you. It will also make out more attentive. Sometimes, we become hyper-aware of ourselves and our self-image that we become oblivious to the people around us. This results in distractions and inattentiveness

Comfortable Goes a Long Way

Find a set-up that you are comfortable with. Technology is not that all friendly sometimes. If you are going to be in the meeting for hours, find tools that you are comfortable using. You can have a wireless headset is you need to be mobile. An adjustable desk is also a big help if you feel like seating for hours will make you sleepy or still at one point. Clear your desktop of unnecessary windows and tabs. Taking a break away from the screen when possible will also be helpful.

Your Look and Sound

How you look and sound in person could not exactly translate the same online. Poor tech and poor connection might humper the way you sound and might pixelate your image in the video. Being aware of these things will help you adjust. It also makes you look less nervous when it is your first time to attend online meetings. You can also customize your background to suit you and your meeting. Hide your video if it distracts you from listening.

What’s Behind You

The background is part of our set-up. We also need to pay attention to what the team members can see in through your camera. Move away from distracting backgrounds. Some platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, enables the users to change into different backgrounds. Instead of blurring the background you can have a picture of an office or company logo be put behind you. You can use this if you are not comfortable with showing your home office. This is also helpful when you have little kids running around the house.

Mastering the Tech 

When working in a remote team, you need to master the technology and be comfortable using devices. You cannot let poor use of technology get in the way of effective communication. If it is your first time using the platform, you can ask those who have used it before for some basics. If you have an IT Team, you could also ask them to teach you how to set it up and use it. There are video tutorials available online at your disposal. If you are transitioning to a remote set-up, ensuring that everyone has stable, high-speed internet should be high up on your list of priorities.

Dressing the Part

Online meetings are just the same as in-person meetings. You have to still dress as if you’re in the office even if you are not. It also reflects your professional behavior and your regard towards the team and/or the client. Prepare clothes you would usually wear at work or get some stay at home styling tips so you could look the part. You could also fix yourself a little just so you would not look too pale. Remember that even if you are at home it is still a professional business meeting with your workmates or clients.

Preparedness is one way of being effective. The meeting could go down if the members themselves are not ready. Make sure that everything and everyone is settled beforehand. Meetings that matter do not solely rely on how the meeting happened. It also lies in how the people involved participated and felt throughout. To be able to contribute and actively participate, you also have to prepare yourself.