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Part II


Relationships are a vital part of organizations. It defines how well members are oriented and how they see and value each other. This is more important when it comes to teams and team meetings. For a team to be successful, it needs its team members to be relational and build a healthy relationship. The more robust the relationship is, the more the team will operate. It is the glue that keeps the team together. That why it is equally important for us to study and evaluate how relationships will change and grow during online meetings.

Webcams will be of great help during these meetings. It can improve communication by bringing gestures and facial expressions as team members can better judge when to intervene in a conversation. Seeing each other’s faces will also remind us that we are human and be kinder to each other. You can start the meeting with an attendance check or small talk. It makes everyone feel welcome and test your equipment just as you start. It makes everybody feel comfortable with the tech as well. Invite everyone to speak up and do not end the meeting until everyone has spoken at least once.  Remember common courtesies such as not interrupting someone while talking.

Effectivity and relationship building also comes from sharing roles. The team leader, though the head of the group, should not always be the one in charge. Configure the meeting so that everyone can control how they can take part. Leadership skills are useful for all team members to have. Regular meetings can be a safe place for team members to develop their leadership skills. As a professional, being able to rally the troops can boost our confidence. Once responsibility is shared, the team can now concentrate on remodeling behaviors. It will help create psychological safety and promote collaborations.

Communication is important in any meeting. It is also the building block of a relationship. However, it is hard to communicate and understand well if you are not speaking the same language. The advantage of having meetings as opposed to communicating through messaging, is that we can get real-time feedback on whether we are being understood. Especially when the mic stopped working or the connection was interrupted. Remember to slow down when speaking to help team members that find it hard to follow in. Mind your language as well. Do not use slangs that most do not understand. If you must use it, explain its meaning and cultural reference. It is also good to create visual signals. It is a faster and fun alternative for interactions.

Working on your team relationship is something you should do continuously. It is possible to learn more about your team members from informal conversations. Good personal relations always contribute to better work conditions. The team becomes form open in discussing pressing and controversial matters without butting heads with anyone from the team. Especially in times when the interaction is limited and only through online means. Learning this, we can now move forward to the next part- the meeting itself.