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Part I

The System

Meetings and collaborations are directly correlating with each other. Collaboration can be defined in too many ways. For today’s technology natives and internet users, it might mean differently. An online communication setup allows people to work on the same project even if they are not in the same location or time-zone. It enables a group of people to work together regardless of geography to achieve the same goal. The members of the collaborating group use specific collaboration software to easily communicate, cooperate, share, and negotiate.

Meetings were the only places where the exchange of information, report on progress, and decision making is made. It also gives rise to norms that spread into other areas of work. Since your current meetings are held online, you are now in a microsystem. It is a dedicated space online for meetings and documentation. An online channel where you can follow up conversations and actions you have taken up during the meetings. Therefore, online meetings are not only limited to calls. It can also be a common space dedicated to the given task at that time. The venue, much like the office, to tackle problems and provide a solution.

Attending meeting should feel like an integral part of your work and team process, rather than a disruption. Working remotely provides you complete autonomy on your working hours. Meetings should not hinder or disrupt you from having the time to decently work on your project. The downside of easier communication is that it makes people want to meet more but that should not be. Collaboration should also include working alone towards a bigger piece. It is also communicating progress on individual tasks. Sharing your thinking process and help make decisions in the team.

Managing meetings can also be tough especially when you are far away. Take time to pull your good meeting experiences together. This can help you evaluate best practices that you can use to make workers feel more comfortable. You could also review the team’s collaboration ecosystem and how you could incorporate it in the current setup. If you already have conducted a meeting, try to observe the team’s behaviors. Video conferencing will let you see this easier. You will need to try harder when you decide to do an audio-only meeting. Lastly, try to assess if these meetings get in the way of working efficiently. If it is, you might want to reduce meetings from daily to weekly. A team should not be highly dependent on meetings as well.

Meetings in offices and online are almost the same except for the fact that they are held differently.  Online meetings take more consideration than those of the offices. You need the right technology, a stable internet connection, the right tools, and the right intent to make it work.  Meetings, if done properly, can result in quick problem solving and best results. To do so, we must understand how they would work in a new environment – how you and your team would make use of it. And then eventually learn to be productive and safe at the same time. Leading us to focus on the dynamic and relationship of the whole team.