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Things are drastically changing as we learn to outlive the coronavirus pandemic. Usual activities are now being strictly prohibited. Measures like these are done to stop the spread of the virus and lower the accelerating curve of cases. After all, we must make all these hard calls because the enemy is unseen. However, in doing so we make these regular activities obsolete over time. Actions, traditions, and items may fade temporarily, partially or completely as a likely result to the new normal. These are some of the things in different areas that might fade after this quarantine.


Buffets have been one of the most popular meals set up nowadays. Many local restaurants offer buffets at good prices. Filipinos, as food enthusiasts, love these kinds of setups, together with boodle fights and fiestas. There is also a new emerging Korean food trend called “samgyeopsal” that they also love. It is a popular dish, thick and fatty slices of pork belly, commonly served as an evening meal. Diners usually grill the meat themselves and eat directly from a grill. Sharing is also not always caring. Shared drinks at the bar might not also be such a good idea. If you want you to try the same drink, you could order one for your own. Our trips to the supermarket are always fun especially when there are free food samples. But we might have to say goodbye to those as well.

Physical Contact 

Today, all forms of physical contact are prohibited. Current and future social distancing rules can make any physical gesture obsolete. Handshakes are, or used to be, one form of social custom that is at least two thousand eight hundred years old. High fives could also have the same fate. It is an impromptu invention that dates to 1977 in a baseball match after a home run. Speaking of a home run, contact sport might also be banned. Too much contact on and off game can easily spread any virus. Not to mention the long lines on the ticket booths, toilets, and food bars. Another sweet gesture can also be obsolete- kissing and hugging. Seeing relatives and friends after a long time and planting a kiss on your cheek or a hugging might also be a thing in the past. Though you can always express your emotions using other ways like a thumbs up, finger gun, or a finger heart.


We all love parties. We love gathering with friends and families with good food. We not only love attending them but hosting them as well. It is a boost in our social status and a way to welcome new people into our lives. Sadly, parties might also become obsolete. No more teens sneaking out at night or girls and boy’s night out at clubs and bars. However, instead of physical parties you and your friends can have parties over video calls using many platforms such as Zoom. You can also share your screen so you can have a movie night or binge-watch your favorite series together. Facebook watch parties and lives are also available for you. Also, you can use this time to bond more intimately without loud noises common in parties.


At this time of the pandemic, it is more important to have fellowship at church and with your churchmates. But church worships and fellowships might also not be possible. Sometimes churches are so crammed with people that distancing might not be observed. You can always turn to technology at times like these. Many, if not all, church gatherings, and worship services are going digital. Live streaming through YouTube and Facebook is happening regularly. If you want your services and meeting to be intimate, you can create a group with select members to avoid disturbance in your worship time. Eventually, they will find ways for us to fellowship with one another again.

Work and Travel 

Working arrangements are already changed. This is evident in the quick work-at-home shift of every company, office, and organization. It is also evident in the increase of Microsoft Teams and Zoom users over the past month. However, in the general community quarantine (GCQ) guidelines of the Philippines, 50 percent of the employees can still work in the office. Making us wonder whether we need all that office space. Travels has also been very much affected. Any transport, air, sea, and land, was is prohibited. Public transports are lessening commuters to avoid virus contamination. You might have to say goodbye to your travel goals for now and make yourself extra comfortable at home.

We all hope that this quarantine is temporary. Knowing that every pandemic in history had a cure and ended. Today we are only lessening its victims and protecting every life that we can. The new normal is the biggest change this century has taken. We have become hyperaware of our sanitation and health and wish that there will not be another pandemic anytime soon. These things, like the obsolete things before it, will find new ways to represent it. Life is dynamic and there are too many creative people in the world. And when they do become obsolete, we will find ways to commemorate them and be thankful that we have survived this pandemic.