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The world was changed overnight since the coronavirus pandemic. People panicked and felt a whirlwind of emotions. The government ordered people to stay strictly at home. Establishments had to close or change the working hours for the safety of their workers. Offices had to find an alternative working system to keep the company going. Among these companies are linked in business process outsourcing (BPO). They are now being dubbed as “secret frontliners” as they continue to work tirelessly during this crisis.  A BPO company in Davao City continues to operate to provide quality service inside and outside the Philippines.

During the quarantine, we have been using the internet nonstop. This is from attending online classes, watching Netflix, gaming, to working. A team in Next BPO Solutions in Davao City has been responsible for your uninterrupted connection. A piece of common knowledge is that the internet travels through satellites. In reality, it travels through subsea cables that connect one country from another. The small team from the company prevents the breakage of these cables. They give instructions to marine vessels to avert cables or to warn them about it. They maintain close monitoring to provide the connection you need in times like this when you need it the most.

Another one of our needs during this quarantine is electrical power. This is to give us the electricity we need for our home appliances and gadgets since we are on lockdown. A Next BPO team is working with a local power distribution company to provide support to its consumers. They receive calls, from Davao, Cebu, and Cotabato, regarding connection problems. They handle social media transactions and respond to corporate emails. They also assess their agents in creating cases and verifying issues with customers. helping you find the help you need and delivering excellent customer service even during a crisis.

The company has been building great teams for 11 years now. Aside from these teams, they also provide service to many other offshore needs. And they continue to deliver great servers and strengthen their local teams, especially in this pandemic. Most of their employees have been working from home while some are working directly from the office. they are provided with food, accommodation, and health needs to keep them safe and working in a good environment.

This only goes to show that all jobs are important. And there are many other dedicated Filipino workers whose dedication and resilience are unmatched. Relentlessly providing service when the messes need it most. They are doing our best to protect not only our business but yours as well. Ensuring that when this is all over we still have each other and our livelihood.