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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused so many changes in the lives of people all over the world. It has disrupted daily routines, work, business, and school. Changes that happened almost rapidly and abruptly. Causing panic and worries to people who were most scared about the unknown. However, it is not what we need right now. In times of change, individuals and organizations must have the ability to learn and adapt. Here are some tips in adjusting to the new normal in some areas of your life.


Some people are okay with the social distancing and quarantine, some are not. Adjusting to change depends on the person’s capability to change. For this instance, we are driven by the thought of wanting to be safe. We also want to put an end to the spread of this pandemic. Feelings are valid at this point. Acknowledging them will help you with preventing mental health issues. Setting a new routine can also be helpful. Make time for your physical and emotional health. Catch up with your family and friends. There are many fun and creative ways to do that. Learn and do something new every day this is the perfect time to reinvent yourself. These activities can help reduce stress and make it easier to stay at home. Use this time to be productive and better at what you do. Educate yourself with the situation and rely only on the information from proper authorities.


Workers from different sectors are compromised. Nurses and doctors are the front lines together with the men and women in uniform and the government. Office workers are forced to find alternative working arrangements. However, for some, the skeletal workforce is still allowed and needed to physically report in the office. For BPO companies, agents are given in-house accommodations so that operations can continue. Adjusting to the environment would not be hard. The problem lies in separating personal and work life. Following office given rules will be the main guide in adjusting. Work from home workers will also have to create their guidelines. It will help them work effectively and avoid common work from home mishaps. You can start by having a designated and functional space to avoid mixing personal and work life.


When the crisis first hit, companies needed to react to the immediate challenges and threats that were presented. Several business establishments needed to close while some reduced their operation in half. Adjustment happened and is happening in the operational challenges that need solutions. Cash management and liquidity also needed to be adjusted for the demands in communications as it expanded into the digital space. Even so, it brings brand new opportunities that pave the way to explore new directions. Innovating is adjusting. It yields positive results during and after this time. It is time to innovate processes and operations to manage an unexpected crisis. Rethinking and revamping the organizational model to align current challenges and opportunities. This helps the company grow and survive.

Adjustment is a process that takes a different form in different people. It is not linear or well-defined. May we never forget to be patient and flexible. This is the time to figure out how to respond instead of reacting. Create the best out of the situation instead of panic and worry. A few of us are managing it with ease, and some had to drastically adjust to the new normal. Whatever and wherever we are, may we remember that this is temporary. That we are all making efforts to put an end to it and take care of ourselves. After all, we are in this together.