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Davao City has been dubbed as the round-zero of the coronavirus for Mindanao. It is because of the massive spread of the virus due to a cockfight derby tournament held just before the city announced its general community quarantine. After then, Davao Region has a total of 97 positive cases. Other cases in several parts of Mindanao were traced back to the derby incident. With this number, how is Davao City combating the spread of the virus?

They had first set up an operation center that solely caters to individuals with possible symptoms of the virus. They can contact it through different hotlines. To avoid hoarding, the local government unit monitored the hoarding and overpricing of essentials such as alcohol and face masks in the local market and online. Leaders of Davao region then announced that the region would be closed for two weeks. It included the suspension of flights to and from Davao City.

During the general community quarantine, the city tourism office launched a Tik-Tok competition “Davao, Let’s Kulata COVID” (Davao, Let’s Beat COVID-19). It aims to encourage people to stay at home. Assistance was also given to 3,000 public utility jeep (PUJ) drivers since a social distancing policy was implemented. A driver can only cater to half of its passengers. The city mayor also distributed free face masks to mass transport passengers. Curfew hours have also been imposed on the entire region. When cases and persons under investigation (PUI) numbers increase the city opted to start distributing rationed goods and cards to 32 villages. Its goal is to support indigent and displaced individuals during the city-wide community quarantine.

Free accommodation to frontlines and BPO workers were being offered together with free bikes and rides for health workers. BPO companies were also required to have temporary work arrangements. Before the end of March Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) was ready to undertake confirmatory tests for local PUI’s. As the number of infected residents spiked the city was now under enhancing community quarantine. Together with the implementation of the liquor ban. Now, they have divided the city into clusters that allow residents to buy supplies only from their designated clusters.

The city has taken every measure to prevent the spread of the virus. With the resounding plea of “stay at home”. As the city battles to flatten the curve, they have left no resident behind. Implementing stricter rules for everyone. So far, there through these initiatives, there are no new cases in the city. Fighting the virus one less patient at a time.

Photo from mindanews