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For centuries people have been working from office spaces in large buildings surrounded by workmates. Thus, popularizing the phrase “going to the office” instead of work. Currently, almost half of the world workforce is pushed to work out of the office and into their homes. Due to the pandemic that prevented face to face contact. Creating what seemed to be a work option to become the new normal work condition. Making remote working as one of the work trends over this year. With, remote productivity tools like Microsoft Teams and Zoom continue to rapidly grow in engagements. Being some of the available online working space.

The lockdown measures around the world made people switch on the video feature in Teams meetings twice as much as before. Microsoft reports that total video calls in Teams grew over 1000%. Especially in countries such as the Netherlands and Norway with 60% of calls and videos. Given, Teams added a new video function that enables the administrators to download a participant’s report of join and leave times after a meeting finish. They also announced an ‘end meeting’ function for administrators to conclude a meeting for all participants.

Conventional work schedules are now being changed. Workers have greater control over how they manage their own time during the day. They are also pleased with the flexibility gained in deciding to work at their convenience yielding a positive outcome. Reports indicate that the use of Teams each day increased by over an hour. Workers are breaking up the day that works for their productivity and obligations outside of work.

Every and country and the sector has made drastic changes to keep up with being safe from the pandemic and keep the economy going. What had seemed to be special working conditions is now becoming the only work condition available for office workers. As they get to protect themselves, balance personal life and work efficiently in the comforts of their own home.

These tools are available for everybody. It is not only a way to save your companies and business but also a way to better communicate with workers. They have not been made only for remote work but also for when its time to go back to the office. They have features other than video calling that will help improve the exchange of information. It also serves to improve the efficiency in the workplace and create a safe space for workers to communicate other than the social media. After all, this is the new normal.