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The world is under this spreading pandemic called Coronavirus (CoVid-19). Taking each city and continent, together with its fearful citizens, slowly and all at once. Different preventive measures are being arranged for everybody’s safety and protection. Being first of its kind, every measure and measure we take continues to be a work in progress. Medical practitioners together with the government and our men and women in uniform are at the forefront. Treating patients, making sure that rations are delivered, and maintaining security during this threat. However, people are working in closed doors keeping tasks and services readily available. 

Other than those mentioned, numerous workers from other sectors continue to work despite this health scare.This is to sustain their lives and help us access the necessary products and services. Those unseen and underappreciated who continue to risk their lives daily. The secret front liners. One of them is the men and women that work in the BPO industry. Contrary to popular belief, BPO workers do not merely answer calls. They provide solutions systematically, creatively, and with increasing empathy. 

This work from home arrangements is not as easy as it sounds. BPOs work with highly confidential information. It is one of their many duties to safeguard these data. They have numerous security policies and protocols that must be followed. Excluding the challenges in equipment and network infrastructure. Network connectivity continues to remain a challenge for work-at-home arrangements. A secure, reliable, and stable internet connection is needed. This is also true for other industries that rely heavily on the internet connection for their operations. 

Some BPO sites are fully operational. Putting the agents, on different shifts, safety at the top of the priority list. Having free and proper food and accommodation on-site. Testing and medical services incurred due to COVID-19 are covered by health care insurance. Shuttle services are provided, and salaries, benefits, and other incentives have been released early and fast for all employees.

This pandemic has taught us that all jobs are important no matter what industry you are in. It is helping each other survive in our ways. Protecting the lives and livelihood of all employees and businesses alike. Some sacrifices might seem bigger than others but that does not undermine the little ones. After all, we are all taking measures to stop this disease and go back to the way things are.