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Asia has been one of the prominent offshore outsourcing destinations in the world. Among the three of the most promising and outsourcing friendly countries are – India, the Philippines, and Pakistan. The history of India as an outsourcing destination started in the early 1990s, if not, the latter half the 1980’s. The Philippines had its significant start in 1992 when a big US-based client decided to invest in the country. It is known that India, among the three, has a competitive advantage. They have been in the outsourcing industry for over 3 decades now.  India also caters to different types of services from global clients irrespective of the volume. However, in 2010, the Philippines was named the BPO capital of the world. It overtook India in the voice service sector.  Pakistan is not also very far behind as it is starting to pick up its pace.

With its growing economy, the Philippines have greater potential. It is also more capable of change and can easily deviate from the one size fits all approach to offshoring. They also pride in the protection of business information. The country is governed by the Republic Act 10173 also known as the Data Privacy Act where the mishandling of private information is punishable by law. Then the government also very, much supports the industry. It contributes greatly to the economic growth of the country over the years. However, the real leverage is the work and workers the country can offer.

One of the biggest reasons why most prefer to outsource in the Philippines it is that is generally an English speaking country. English is among the main language spoken in the Philippines. It is also the main language used in all business communications, contracts, and its laws. Most Filipinos are accent neutral and can quickly adapt to accents of the country they are calling or receiving calls from – be it American, Canadian, British or Australian. They also pride in the pool of talents that they can offer for half the cost of labor in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe,, USA and Canada. Partners benefit from the lower costs but get the quality of work that meets if not exceeds expectations.

Filipinos can also easily adapt to foreign clients due to Western and Southeast Asian cultural influences. Cultural alignment is seen as an edge and an advantage that makes outsourcing in the Philippines a pleasant experience. However, what sets Filipino workers apart is their dedication and hard work. It is evident in the growing population of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and the continued patronage of foreign investors.

The real edge in investing in the Philippines is really on whom are you investing to. You are investing in a hard-working pool of skilled workers at a low cost, not compromising the security and result of the partnership. And that brings you a lot of return on your investment from the savings up to 60-70% on the labor cost that you can quickly achieve. India and Pakistan may have something unique to offer to clients.  It’s always a matter of the compatibility and trust of the client to the brand that makes it work.