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Tholons Services Globalization Index (TGSI) is an index of the most business-friendly countries. They provide rankings and reports on the Top 50 “Digital Nation” and Top 100 “Super Cities”. The ranking system is based on the qualities of the employees, business catalyst, cost and infrastructure, risks and quality of life, innovations, super cities and population. It aims to provide locations strategies to countries, governments, multi-lateral agencies, multinational agencies, analysts and investors.

The list is published on an annual basis and in 2017 it marked a significant change in the competitiveness of countries and cities as a result of digital innovation and transformation. Tholons also presents its perspective on how digital innovation is changing the industry and the factors that will define the future of economies and growth markets.

Services Globalization (outsourcing) has been dominated by players like India, the Philippines, and China over the last two decades. This leadership is being defined by the scale and cost of the skilled talent pool. This has also created thousands of “Pure Play” companies- focuses on only one line of business. Digital nations having these kinds of companies will now define the future of services globalization.

For four years now cities like Manila, Cebu and Davao have been in the list of Super Cities. The country’s capital city, Manila, has been consistent in the first ten of the lists.  Davao has been taking dips and leaps since the year 2016 till 2019. Ranking from 69, 85, 75 and recently, 95. Although there was a significant change in the rank, the city proves to be competitive as ever.

The city has never been short of a large pool of English speaking employees and Information Technology support at a lesser cost. They are also improving towards cloud computing. These provides measures of improvements in the Business Process as a service (BPaaS). BPaaS reduces labor count through increased automation, thereby cutting costs in the process as they adheres to cloud computing’s traditional monthly pricing schedule. They are also moving into e-commerce support services. Most importantly, local government support outsourcing initiatives. Infrastructure initiatives are also well on the rise around the city.

Overall, the Philippines is one of the countries that should be looked out for. As a country, it has great potential as its economy is on the rise. It boasts cities in which it is always best to invest and outsource; one is Davao City. Numerous independent outsourcing firms are also situated in the city.  With its continuous economic progress and development, it is ready for a flock of investment. Davao City, with its bright business outlook, is and will be one of the best outsourcing destinations in the Philippines.